Our Studio

Scout Collective is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary brand design studio in central Connecticut, born out of 15+ years of nurturing clients directly and in collaboration with other agencies. We partner with Founders, Executives, Marketing Directors, and Sales Teams who rely on our strategic thinking, creativity, and implementation to deliver meaningful, measurable results.

We know what it’s like to grow a company organically, through passion and perspiration, because that’s exactly what we’ve done. Heck, we’re still doing it.


Some of our clients have been with us every step of the way, but we’re grateful that even the newest ones don’t hesitate to recommend us to friends and colleagues. Folks know that we offer the deep analysis and top-level thinking of big agencies, without all that extra stuff you get with them (and wind up paying for). Ideas and results aren’t impressed with unnecessary things like a fancy office with high-ceilings or an espresso bar. We prefer a right-sized office with a proper amount of creative space and caffeine for our right-brained team.


What else? We’re good people. We sweat the details. And we love what we do. We think you will too.

Illustration of Troy Monroe, Principal + Creative Director

Troy Monroe


Illustration of Joe Cunningham Art Director

Joe Cunningham


Illustration of Bri Jewell Designer

Brianna Jewell


Illustration of Nate Solberg Designer

Nate Solberg


Illustration of Brian Gambell Design Consultant

Brian Grabell


Illustration of contributors gathered around a computer.

Reserve Specialists

A Talented Team

We often add specialists to our core team so we can dive into work that’s bigger than ourselves. If you know someone who would be a fit at Scout Collective, drop us a line.